Client Reviews of Our Port Hadlock Veterinary Clinic

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They were there through our Daisy's cancer, licked it for 11/2 yrs., and were there for her passing! We had a wonderful 12yrs. with our beautiful golden eyed lab, and still miss her now!!! Dr. Johnson was there with us when I had to say goodbye to Miss Daisy, as she called her!!! Very compassionate, would always take our animals to her and her other amazing vets and staff!!! —Leota Howard

Michele and I adopted Max, our 13 year old rescue dog in 2009. He is a German Shepard-Tibetan Mastiff mix... a very handsome boy. He walks proudly and somehow knows how gorgeous he is. He captured the hearts of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Murphy, as well as all the friendly, animal loving peeps who work at this wonderful Veterinary Clinic in Port Hadlock. When we first took Max into this clinic and doing X-rays on his hips, Dr. Johnson said, "let's treat the dog and not the X-rays." Max was overweight, about 130 pounds. So Dr, Johnson said we should cut back on his food and supplement his diet with green beans.., he is now down to a svelte 95 pounds. We are confident this staff has helped extend his life. We could not more highly recommend a veterinary clinic. These people are caring, know what they're doing,compassionate and loving practitioners . Max has been recently crippled with arthritis in his hips and elbows. Dr. Johnson was able to give him healing therapy that has rehabilitated him, which has been amazing to us. We salute these great docs !! —Gary and Michele

Awesome super nice people my hamster survived a broken leg thx to them he has three legs now but acts like he still has 4. —Benjamin Urmston

I will never forget your kindness and compassion during what has been a terribly difficult and painful time for our family. You all have always been amazing with our animals. But this recent experience touched me to my core and I will always be grateful for the kind words and treatment both my husband and I received in our time of need. —Patricia Young

Most caring staff you will ever find, my 2 Pitt Bulls and little kitty have all been there, absolutely recommend this office. —Kae'la Ramsay

This clinic is fantastic. They have always done such amazing work and they are always there when I need them! Dr.Alexander reconstructed my big dog's front leg after he severed all 5 flexor tendons several years ago- you can't even tell that leg was ever injured. Recently Dr.Johnson amputated my other large dog's leg after we found bone cancer in her knee-just one month later and she is back to acting normal. They have been there every step of the way. The vets, techs, assistants, and receptionists are all fantastic and I trust my pets with them without question. I am grateful to have such a great team supporting us. —Devon Carney

Since moving to Port Townsend in 2004, I've been a client at Hadlock Veterinary Clinic/ Olympic Animal Eye Clinic. I had adopted a Toy Poodle -- MAXIE - at the Vancouver, WA Humane Society before moving here. She was 9 yrs. old and a puppy mill rescue. Maxie lived to be 21 yrs. 9 mos. old, and a lot of the credit for her longevity and good health belongs to the Drs. and staff at HVC/OAEC. I grieved the loss of Maxie for 2+ years. During that time, I sincerely missed the ‘extended family feel' of the clinic and would visit monthly. I always said I was stopping by to make a donation to the Angel Fund -- which was true enough -- but the fact is, I missed the people! This is a very special place for pets and their loved ones.

I'm tickled pink to be a client once again after adopting Sarah from the Jefferson County Humane Society in August 2014. Sarah was a neglected Toy Poodle who initially had vision and dental issues resulting in the loss of one eye and four teeth. Thanks to the surgical expertise and continuing care by Drs. Johnson and Murphy, and their ace support staff, Sarah is currently an 11 yr. old pup with burgeoning good health in spite of her vision loss. I'm living a richly rewarding life with Sarah, and will forever be grateful.
—Lee Davis

They are wonderful people who love our pets as if they were there own. Dr. Virginia saved our cat Trace. And Dr. Murphy recently removed a tumorous eye from our 13 year old dog Sid. She called over the weekend to check on him. They are #1!!!!! —Michelle Hassell

Thanks to Dr Cindy and the rest of the crew for being so nice to me and my foster baby Boba. He is rapidly improving and all the kindness goes a long way. We appreciate it! —Arianna Abramczyk

I wanted to publicly thank Hadlock Veterinary Clinic for their Outstanding care of our dog Cirrus during a life threatening emergency. The staff was attentive, supportive, knowledgeable and patient from our first phone conversation. I felt like the staff was not only supportive of our furry love but was very supportive of me and my family as well. We were touched by the phone calls we have received to check on her recovery since the emergency surgery they gave her. Feeling so thankful. I highly recommend them!!!! —Leslie Tapper

Thank you so much for helping with Shandy today. Love the whole staff!! —Kris Cook Burns

Hadlock Vetinary clinic Has been our Vet clinic since Dr.Johson opened the Hadlock Clinic. My son Roger had a horrible accident;, where he fell down a 30' hole in the ground. He was going after his dog and it was pitch black . He heard dog yelp and then he disappeared intone the darkness, down that hole. It was not visible with the eye so Rog took a step forward and down the hole he went but it was only 15 feet or so. To make a long story short. With both th=of them falling down this horrible hole, they were able to Bandit out and Roger had life threatening problems and was air lifted with out ever even knowing i if Bandit was alive or notl. Bandit was a Husky guide dog for my son that has Multiple Sclerosis. Roget has since had 5 surgeries and on the 17th of May be had to put Bandit to sleep as he becoming more ill each day, Dr. Johnson, and her staff have been excellent ever since we have been going there. On her day off she even came in to be there with us when he was put to sleep. We will ever be grateful to Dr. Johnson for that as without her there, I think my son would have given up. Bandit was the "best dog ever". Loyal ago the end and everyone, and I mean everyone that knew him loved him. I thank the Hadlock Veterinary clinic enough for all they did for us. They did all they could do to save Bandit but he was going on 10 years old and the fall was just too much for him.

If you need a Vet I would only go to Hadlock Veterinary Clinic as it also is "The Best Ever"!
—Karin J Davis

This is the most caring, professional place I have ever known. They will actually call you back if you try to reach them on the weekend! All the other clinics refer you to the Poulsbo ER pet hospital. This office has saved my 15 year old Jack Russell terrier, Scooter, many times in his many misadventures - which he always seems to have on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. Drs. Johnson, Murphy, and Alexander are all excellent, talented and caring professionals. The fact that they do so much work for our local animal shelter further endears them to my heart. They never give up on an animal and have rescued and placed many hard-to-adopt animals right out of their office. If they took human patients, I would be the first in line. —Marlene A. Newman

I just checked out the new website and it's gorgeous. A real sense of the wonderful place and family that you are! —Deborah Kate Hammond